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1848 Braided Hair Large Cent

1848 Braided Hair Large Cent

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1848 Braided Hair Large Cent. Minor corrosion and minor rim bumps. Pictures are of the coin you will receive.


This 1848 Braided Hair Large Cent is a beautiful addition to any coin collection. Featuring the classic design of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the denomination on the reverse, this coin is a must-have for any avid collector. Minted in Philadelphia, this business strike coin has been circulated and has a rich history that can be appreciated by any enthusiast.


The coin's color is brown, and it has not been certified. It is a large cent with a denomination of one cent. The Braided Hair design was only produced from 1839 to 1857, making this coin a rare find. Add this piece of history to your collection today.

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